Travelers of the Month: Alexandria and Crystal!

Name: Alexandria K. and Crystal L.

City, State: Columbia, SC

Specialty: MS/Tele

Month: September

1. How did you get into travel nursing?

Honestly, we both have always wanted to try it! But, after we went on a girls trip together down the entire West Coast, we decided it was a MUST and ASAP.  We put together our nursing profiles on BluePipes, that’s how our recruiter found us — the rest is history. 😉 

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2. What’s the best part about traveling?

Um… well.. traveling of course! Lol. And getting paid to do what we love! Another aspect we love about travel nursing is that it teaches you to be more adaptive in terms of “re-learning” what you already know. Getting used to a new routine and new surroundings – whether it be the commute, how you prioritize during the work day, or how you spend your free time.    

3. You meet a first-time traveler in the Columbia area, which restaurant is a must for them to try?

DRIP COFFEE! It’s so amazingly delicious! It’s a local coffee shop in “Five Points” downtown Columbia. Definitely the best brunch spot with some pretty exotic coffee flavors too (Honey Habanero latte is my fav 😍)!

4. What’s the best part about the Columbia area?

100% the atmosphere — not the humidity, 🥵  but the people and the culture! Everyone here has been so helpful, friendly, and welcoming! We would consider Columbia to be the epitome of “Southern Hospitality!” ❤️ 

Also there are plenty of outdoorsy things to do! We were lucky enough to find housing right off the Lake, so the views aren’t too shabby either!

Also, Soda City!!! It’s a big farmer’s market on Main St. in downtown Columbia that’s held every Saturday! They have so many different vendors and a variety of ethnic food trucks. 🤤 

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5. Any advice for other travelers?

Definitely talk to the locals if you want get to know the “best spots” around the area. Ask lots of questions (work related and non work related). Always keep in mind, and carry yourself in a way that reminds you, and others that you are there to help! Also… pack light 😂 

6. What do you like best about working with Axis?

Well, Charity of course… do we need to say more? Lol, as our recruiter, she has been so amazing! She is a great communicator, timely in her responses, and always upbeat and positive! We absolutely LOVE working with her!! ❤️ 

Congrats Alexandria and Crystal! We’re so glad you both joined the Axis team! 🙂

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