What to Include on a Travel Nurse Resume

In this article, we guide you through building a stand-out travel nurse resume for when you’re applying to Axis travel jobs.

Naturally, we want to make sure that your profile stands out amongst the many others that hiring managers are reviewing. A first impression makes a lasting impression, so the more we can showcase your strengths, the better our chances are of landing you that dream gig.

The first step is to present a well-structured travel nurse resume that will highlight your clinical skills, experience and other qualifications.


Candidate Contact Information📱

The first step for healthcare facilities seeking dedicated professionals is to establish clear communication. Start your resume with accurate contact details so that your agency and potential hiring managers can easily contact you:

  • Full first and last name
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Quick Tip: Make sure these are phone numbers and email addresses that you are checking often. Check your voicemail frequently to make sure it’s not full in case someone needs to leave you a message.


Candidate License & Credentials Summary🪪

Offer a quick snapshot summary of your credentials, including the following:

  • State License numbers with Expiration Dates (MM/YYYY format)
  • Certifications with Expiration Dates (MM/YYYY format)

Note: Most facilities require certifications to be administered by the American Heart Association (AHA). You are able to access AHA courses here.


Work Experience🩺

If you have a lengthy employment history, focus on your most recent and relevant experiences. Employment verifications typically go back 7-10 years. We recommend providing the following information for each position of employment:

  • Name of the hospital or facility at which you worked
  • City, State of the hospital or facility
  • Dates of employment (MM/YYYY format)
  • Position title – Ex.: Staff RN, PRN RN, Supervisor, etc.
  • Unit(s) worked, number of beds and patient ratios – Include any units you may have floated to
  • Trauma designation of the facility (if applicable)
  • Teaching hospital status (if applicable)
  • Charge Experience (If applicable)
  • Preceptor experience (If applicable)
  • A brief summary of your duties, including: most common patient types cared for – Ex.: administering conscious sedation, sheath pulling, telemetry monitoring, etc.
  • Special and relevant equipment or devices used –  Ex.: Robotics, IABP, etc.
  • Charting system utilized


Candidate Education🎓

Present your educational background with clarity and only emphasize academics relevant to the healthcare profession.

  • University Name
  • City, State of the University
  • Date Graduated (MM/YYYY format)
  • Degree obtained


📝Have resume building questions?

Schedule a call with a member of our team


Our goal here at Axis is to get you on the road as a travel nurse as quickly as possible while still prioritizing high quality of candidates and clinicians. Having a top-notch resume and profile will help ensure that you have the best possible opportunity to secure the position you want. So, follow these steps to build your resume, consult with an Axis Rockstar recruiter for more advice and tips, and you’ll be on your way to your next travel gig in no time!


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