Travel Nurse of the Month – Diana G!

Name: Diana G.

City, State: Walnut Creek, CA

Specialty: Labor and Delivery

Month: November

Meet Diana, our travel nurse of the month for October! Let’s get to know Diana and see how she lives her best travel nurse life!

1.       How did you get into travel nursing?

I got into travel nursing because I felt I lost my passion at my full time job. I was burnt out, and needed to reignite the fire inside me, that brought me to labor and delivery in the first place. I love adventure, and I wanted to bring my patients the best experience, and that meant me being happy and fulfilled in my job again. California nursing is a whole new world and has shown me that I still absolutely love my job!

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2.       What’s the best part about traveling?

Traveling has allowed me to fulfill my financial goals as well as satisfy my taste for adventure and experiences. I am making enough money to save, as well as explore all the places I never imagined I could afford to see (being from the East coast).

3.       You meet a first time traveler in the Walnut Creek, CA area, which restaurant is a must for them to try?

I would absolutely bring them to brunch at Brenda’s in Oakland. Best food I’ve had so far here!! It’s got a Louisiana flair to it: Beignets to start it off, and then delicious Cajun style flavor on all the food. 

4.       What’s the best part about the Walnut Creek, CA area?

It’s absolutely beautiful! You can hike, you can shop, you can basically find anything your heart desires. It’s very sought after real estate, and I chose wonderfully! 

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5.       Any advice for other travelers?

My advice is to have an open mind and know that if you don’t get into your ideal assignment, it’s just three months. We can make anything work for 3 months and then build off it for a better experience next contract. 

6.       How do you compare Axis to other travel companies?

I feel like my recruiter could be my best friend. That’s so ideal, and makes things extremely easy when I have a question or concern. She’s available 24/7 but I do try to respect that my night shift schedule is not always a good time to contact people. They are just wonderful and looking out for me every step of the process!

Congrats Diana! We so thrilled you joined the Axis team! 🙂

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