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Begin your next Travel Nursing journey in Seattle! Get ready to enjoy the excitement of city living with a unique Pacific Northwest charm. Ready to experience the perfect balance of urban life and nature? Join us in the evergreen Emerald City!

Travel Nursing Jobs – Seattle


Explore exciting travel nurse jobs in Seattle with Axis Medical Staffing, where you’ll become part of an amazing team of Rock Star Travel Nurses. Alright, so the US is massive, right? But let us tell ya, Seattle is THE place to be for your next travel nursing gig. Sure, we’re totally biased (it’s our hometown, after all), but seriously, this vibrant town with a buzzing foodie scene is packed with stunning scenery, iconic landmarks, and non-stop fun. And the best part? You’re just a stone’s throw away from beautiful waters and breathtaking mountains.

Get ready to enjoy the excitement of city living with a unique Pacific Northwest charm. Ready to experience the perfect balance of urban life and nature? Join us in the evergreen Emerald City!

What Does Seattle Have to Offer?

Seattle’s got way more to offer than just what you see on postcards. As insiders, we’re spilling the beans on some can’t-miss spots and activities:

The Space Needle with a twist: Sure, everyone visits the Space Needle, but did you know there’s a revolving restaurant up top? Grab a bite while you take in those killer views.

Pike Place Market, the hidden gems: This iconic market is more than just fish tossing and fresh produce. Stroll the hidden alleys, check out the quirky shops, and grab an espresso at the original Starbucks.

Discover Seattle’s wild side: You might not expect it, but we’re surrounded by amazing mountain ranges like the Cascades and Olympics. So strap on your hiking boots or hop on a bike and hit the trails for an unforgettable adventure.

And that’s just scratching the surface! Dive into the bustling waterfront, cheer on our sports teams, or indulge in some seriously scrumptious seafood. Trust us, there’s always something new to discover in the Emerald City.

Live Like a Local

Five Reasons to Visit Washington State

When people think of the State of Washington, the first thing that often comes to mind is rain. It's true, it does rain a lot here. However, all that rain also feeds the beautiful forests, rivers and wildlife that add to the pristine scenery of the Evergreen State. At Axis, we're proud to call Washington home, and we'll always suggest visiting our neck of the woods. Here are five reasons why you should visit Washington State! The Beaches Washington's beaches might not get as much attention...

Travel Nursing Assignments – Seattle: Live Like A Local

Why choose to be a travel nurse in Seattle? Well, we might be (are) biased because it’s also our hometown, but this seaport town is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes, world-famous landmarks, amazing restaurants and always something to do. Plus, it doesn’t rain as much as you think it does. Come see why you’ll want to look for travel nurse jobs in Seattle. Top things to do in Seattle, WA Appropriately known as "The Emerald City", Seattle is the largest city in Washington State....


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