Must Visit Breweries in Denver, CO

Between the Rocky Mountains and the Local hotspots, Denver is highly recommended for its thriving craft beer scene. If you’re a travel nurse with a love of trying out craft beer flights, here are a few of the top breweries you don’t want to skip out on during your time in the Rocky City.

🍻Discover Denver’s top breweries below:

Great Divide Brewing Co.

A true pioneer in the Denver craft beer scene, Great Divide Brewing Co. has been serving up innovative and award-winning beers since 1994. Smack dab in the heart of the River North Art District (RiNo), this brewery is known for its exceptional balance of traditional and inventive flavors. Great Divide offers a taste of the city’s rich brewing history, from their iconic brews to experimental small-batch releases. 

Denver Beer Co.

Denver Beer Co. should be your go-to choice for experiencing a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. With a focus on community and creativity, this brewery crafts beers that celebrate the Colorado lifestyle. From hop-forward IPAs to refreshing pilsners, their rotating lineup offers a taste for every palate. Grab a spot on their outdoor patio and enjoy their seasonal brews while soaking in the fresh mountain air.

TRVE Brewing Co.

For the adventurous souls seeking unique flavors, TRVE Brewing Co. is an experience like no other. Specializing in mixed-fermentation and sour beers, this heavy-metal-inspired brewery challenges the conventional notions of brewing. TRVE offers a selection of wild ales that will intrigue even the most seasoned beer enthusiasts.

Comrade Brewing Co.

Known for crafting high quality lagers and ales, Comrade Brewing Co. stands out as a must-visit destination. Their attention to detail and traditional brewing methods result in beers that are both classic and innovative. Whether you’re sipping on a crisp pilsner or a robust imperial stout, the quality is unmistakable.

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Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project

With a focus on barrel-aged sour beers, Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project is a great option for those seeking an elevated tasting experience. Committed to using wild yeast strains and a variety of barrels, their beers offer a wide variety of flavors that evolve over time.

If you’re unwinding after a long shift or enjoying a weekend off work, Denver’s craft beer scene has something special to offer for everyone. From traditional styles to unheard of creations, these breweries showcase the city’s passion for creativity in every pint. So, raise your glass and cheers to the journey of flavors that await you in the captivating city of Denver, CO.

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