How to Get Your Workout in while You’re on Assignment

Travel Nurse Workouts

Adapting to a new environment and getting your workout in are not always compatible events as a Travel Nurse. Traveling can be tiring and getting accustomed to your new location, on top of starting your new assignment, can only be more exhausting.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you should let your workout lapse. If anything, working out and staying healthy is a great way to make the most of your next assignment, especially in getting accustomed to your new locale. Here are some tips to help you get that workout in:

1.  Pick something you actually want to do. Going for a ten mile run when you get home from your 12 hour shift as a travel nurse probably sounds daunting (i.e. awful). Taking your dog for a run on your day off, however, might actually sound fun. Working out shouldn’t be a punishment. Find something that you love to do and you will actually be more inclined to do it, even if you are tired after a long shift.

2.  Plan and Research your new location. Do you belong to a large fitness chain like 24 Hour Fitness or LA Fitness?  Luckily, they are almost everywhere and there’s a good chance one is close to your next travel nursing gig. And even if you don’t have a current membership, most offer 90-day membership plans that you can sign up for. Or find the best local parks that offer a scenic running path or place to do push ups or pull ups. Most importantly, don’t forget your gear when you’re preparing for your next assignment. No sense in buying new kicks when you can pack them up before your trip.

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3.  Never miss your Monday (no matter when your Monday is). Why? You’re more likely to get your workouts in for the week if you get off to a great start. Plus, you’ll be more inclined to eat healthier and have the necessary energy to get through your next 12 hour shift.  Sounds pretty good, right? On top of that, research shows that working out releases endorphins, so a healthier you also equals a happier you. Sweet deal. So after you work your last shift for the week, plan ahead, and schedule your “Monday” workout for the next week. You won’t regret it.  🙂


4.  Get adventurous. You’re in a brand new city, with so many new activities to choose from. Whether that’s a day trip to the mountains for an active hike, hitting the beach to go surfing, or just wandering the city to check out historic landmarks. There’s no better way to burn some calories than to get out and about, and Live Like A Local!

Bonus tip: Whenever you have a free moment (and depending on your job, you might have a lot or only a few), go for a walk!  Have a Fit Bit or smartphone with a pedometer app? Set a weekly goal to see how many steps you can take each day!

There it is, a few tips for you to stay fit and in-shape on your next nursing assignment.

So what do you do to burn off the calories!?  Let us know below or on our Facebook page!

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