Travel Nurses of the Month – Carolyn B. & Patrick W!

Name: Carolyn B. & Patrick W.

City, State: San Diego, CA

Specialty: PCU

Month: Mar. 1

1.  How’d you get into travel nursing?

C: I started travel nursing because I was feeling like I needed to make a job change, but I wasn’t particularly excited at the idea of applying to another hospital in the Boston area. I had always had the option of travel nursing in the back of my mind, and I realized that it was the perfect fit and definitely something I could get excited about.

P: I’ve lived 40 miles from where I was born my entire life, whether it be college or professionally. This wasn’t because I’m a homebody or anything (I’m much the opposite) it was just due to being frugal and convenience. It got to the point where I was getting sick of Boston and Carolyn and I decided it was time to take a leap and do something wildly different than anything we’d ever done, and travel nursing has been more amazing than I could have ever imagined.

C & P 6

2.  What’s the best part about traveling?

C: The best part is experiencing all the different places! It’s shorter than a long term move, but longer than a vacation and it allows me to stay long enough to really get a feel for the city and soak it all in! (Bonus Perk: I get to do it all with my best friend!)

P: The best part of traveling for me is that I get to experience new places and opportunities with my best friend. I get to discover cities I had never dreamed I’d get to live in or see.

C & P 1

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3.  You meet a first time travel nurse in the San Diego area, which restaurants are a must for them to try?

C: Tocaya Organica in the Gaslamp district for the best margarita ever!

P: La Vecinidad in Hillcrest. It’s right next to UCSD, and the amazing Margaritas make a great after-work decompressor.

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4. What’s the best part about the San Diego area?

C: I really like the laid back vibe San Diego has to it, everyone seems to take full advantage of the beautiful weather; I spend every day off outdoors!

P: The best part about San Diego is the beaches. There’s so many of them and they’re all beautiful. If you decide to live in San Diego find a way to live near the beach, and take some surfing lessons, it’s insanely fun even if you’re horribly uncoordinated (like me)

C & P 4

5.  Any advice for other travelers?

C: Don’t worry too much about having to start at new jobs frequently. I was a little nervous about that but all of the nursing staff I’ve met while traveling are all friendly and helpful. Don’t forget to ask them for recommendations for things to do and places to eat!

P: Go and see everything you want. It took me too long in life to realize that we only get one chance at life, and ten times out of ten, you’ll regret not doing something when an opportunity presents itself instead of regretting doing it.

C & P 5

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6.  How do you compare Axis to others travel companies?

C: I’ve only ever worked with Axis! It’s been a pleasure to work with my recruiter and a great experience overall! It’s important to me to know that I have good people looking out for me, and that’s definitely something I have found in Axis!

P: Axis is the only company I’ve traveled with, and with the amount that I annoy Lynna and she still likes (or puts up with) me is a testament to how committed to her travelers she is. I could be doing an assignment in rural Alaska and as long as I have Lynna on my side I won’t feel alone.


Congrats Carolyn & Patrick! We’re so glad to have such amazing additions to the Axis Team! 🙂

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