October Travel Nurse of the Month: Stefanie S.

Stefanie - Travel Nurse of the Month

Our October Travel Nurse of the Month is…

Name: Stefanie S.

City, State: Denver/Pueblo, CO

Specialty: Med/Surg, Oncology

Month: October

How’d you get into travel nursing?

When I first started traveling with my boyfriend, I quit working.  I was bored not working, and missed it.  I didn’t want to give up traveling for work, so I decided to include them in each other.  Work while I travel, and travel while I work.  Travel nursing, the perfect solution.

What’s the best part about traveling?

There is always something new around the corner.  Nothing ever really gets old.

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You meet a first time traveler in Denver, which restaurant do they have to try?

Chubby’s Original Mexican food.  The green chili is to die for.

What’s the best part about the Denver area?

The weather is wonderful.










Any advice for other travel nurses?

Don’t be afraid of change.

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How do you compare Axis to others travel nurse companies?

Axis is an amazing company to be a part of, and a pleasure to work for.  I wouldn’t choose any other travel company over them to work with!

Congrats Stefanie!  We’re lucky to have you on the Axis team!  🙂 

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