April Traveler of the Month: Amber R.

Amber in Portland

April Travel Nurse of the Month: Amber R.

Name: Amber R.

City: Portland, OR

Specialty: Tele/Surgical Oncology RN

Month: April

How’d you get into travel nursing?

Way back when I was a CNA in high school I worked with a travel nurse. I remember being so intrigued to learn about what she did. I already knew I wanted to become a nurse then so I thought “when I grow up I have to try that!” Years later…with some experience in me I felt ready to take the leap and move away from home with a girlfriend to try a travel assignment.

What’s the best part about traveling?

There are so many great things about travel nursing. Besides the obvious traveling to different places, flexibility and meeting new people; the part that I never expected is how it has strengthened my nursing profession. I have been able to get a feel for many different patient populations and specialties that I may have never thought to try as a staff position. Some I realize I’m not suited for whereas some I fell in love with. I have a diverse skill list and experiences that I will always carry with me.

You meet a first time traveler in Portland, which restaurant is a must for them to try?

This is such a hard question! Portland has some of the best restaurants, the variety and abundance of great food for a city this size is amazing. I have favorites for every cuisine but a true staple has to be Screen Door. It encompasses many “Portland” qualities. A laid back but delightful atmosphere with some outdoor seating, the prices are reasonable, drinks for every individual and an awesome brunch. Brunch is definitely a must when in Portland and yes, mingling outside with friends on a weekend morning sipping on some coffee while waiting for a table is part of the experience!

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What’s the best part about Portland?

I had visited Oregon before getting an assignment here. I remember how beautiful I thought it was, so many trees, flowers, parks, rivers and beaches! Living here now for a while I remember it being very easy to adapt to. I felt very welcomed, the people are surprisingly friendly and I love how easy it is to get around…without a car! It is a very bikeable, walkable city with great public transport.

Any advice for other travelers?

I would say to be enthusiastic and friendly with your co-workers, you will get the same back. Soak up every moment because it will go by fast, and get to know people, you never know what friendships may form. Lastly, know your strengths and weaknesses and be confident in yourself, but don’t be afraid to ever ask for help!

How do you compare Axis to others travel companies?

Axis was recommended by a friend of mine. After talking with my recruiter for the first time I knew it would be a great fit. I have worked with other companies, but Axis is different. I felt like she is a friend who was looking out for my best interests and truly wanted me to have a great experience, not just get me a job. I trusted her and it was great to know she used to live here so she gave me advice on where to live and things to do. Plus no other company has ever recognized me for my hard work and dedication like this!