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Why Oncology Nursing?

In today’s market, there are many nursing specialties for nurses to choose from. Some nurses gravitate toward the ED, others to the ICU, while many feel a connection to be a L&D nurse.  So how do you know if Oncology Nursing is the right specialty for you?  This quote may help. Talk to an oncology […]

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Most Popular Travel Nurse Job Destinations

The beauty of being a travel a nurse is being able to choose where to go for your next assignment.  But how do you choose which is the best location for you?  You may even be curious as the most popular travel nurse job destinations to help with your decision.  There are 50 different states […]

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Travel RNs - Where to Next?

Getting Paid to Travel (Nursing): The New 9 to 5

Getting Paid to Travel (Nursing): The New 9 to 5 Unlike Ryan Bingham in Walter Kirn’s Up in the Air, as a travel nurse, you can crisscross the country without having to fire people for a living. Instead, you will be helping people and possibly saving their lives… all while traveling to the best cities […]

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11 questions with Don, Onboarding Specialist at Axis Medical Staffing

Meet Don, the newest Rock Star addition to the Axis team. We welcomed Don to the team this week and we couldn’t be happier to have him come aboard.  Don joins us as an Onboarding Specialist.  In this role Don will ensure all of our travel nurses become compliant with our hospitals as quickly and […]

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