Perks of Travel Nursing During the Holidays

Find the joy of exploring new destinations, making a difference in a new healthcare setting and creating unforgettable memories during the festive season. There are many Perks of Travel Nursing During the Holidays a blend of professional growth and holiday cheer. Dive into the perks of a travel nursing lifestyle and make this holiday season unforgettable!

Holiday Pay

During the holidays it’s common for hospitals and facilities to offer a holiday pay rate for your time and efforts stepping in to help around the holidays. You can check with your recruiter to find out what the holiday pay rate might be for your assignment, as it will differ from facility to facility.

Elevated Profile

One of the perks of travel nursing during the holidays is your profile will be much more appealing to hiring managers. Managers may even review and extend an offer to you more quickly, as they typically prefer candidates who are willing to work holidays or request minimal to no time off.

Avoid the January “bottleneck effect”

It’s not uncommon for a traveler who wants to take a job right after the New Year to start closer to the end of January or even into February. Due to the influx of travelers who return to the workforce in January, combined with the fact that hiring managers are playing catch-up after holiday breaks and budgets are still waiting for approval. If you start your assignment even a week or two before January, you will beat the rush and have a better selection of job options to choose from.

Local Events and Volunteer Opportunities

Working as a travel nurse around the holidays can serve as a special way for you to give back and make an additional impact on the communities that you become a part of as a traveler. Serving as a great way to connect and build relationships with others if you will be away from home over the holidays.

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