Comparing the Travel Nursing Job Market Pre and Post Pandemic

A pandemic that flipped the world of healthcare upside down and taught workers how to be agile, determined and patient is now taking a toll on travel healthcare workers everywhere and changing the industry perspective. 


Travel nurses find themselves asking, where do we go from here? What does the future of travel healthcare look like for us? Well, let’s dive into the key differences between pre-pandemic, post-pandemic and how this has affected the current travel market.

What did we see Pre-Pandemic?

Pre-pandemic, we saw healthcare workers freely stepping in to fill voids nationwide where hospitals and facilities were short-staffed. Healthcare workers wanted to explore different locations across the country and expand their resumes in unique ways.


Healthcare workers didn’t want to be confined to one hospital or facility; They wanted first-hand experience working in different areas and gaining new experiences. Travel nurses also brought relief to staff nurses that were experiencing career burnout and were longing for a change of pace. Luckily for them, the word of travel nursing began to spread and opened the doors to new, unexpected and adventurous opportunities.


The opportunity to be a travel nurse filled their cup with new experiences and gave them a new perspective on healthcare and how every facility, hospital and team runs differently.

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