Travel Nursing Assignments – Des Moines: Live Like A Local

Living in Des Moines, IA as a Travel Nurse

As a Travel Nurse in Des Moines, IA, you’ll have many opportunities to work with different healthcare professionals and learn new skills. You’ll be exposed to other medical practices and procedures, which can help you expand your knowledge and expertise. Not to mention, Des Moines is an all-around friendly and fun city to be a part of. Here’s why you should consider Iowa as your next Travel Nurse Destination. 

Nurse-Centric Destination for Travelers

For many reasons, Des Moines, IA, is an excellent destination for travel nurses. The city boasts a thriving healthcare industry, with top-notch hospitals and medical centers offering excellent employment opportunities for healthcare professionals. Facilities take pride in their travelers and enjoy teaching them the ropes. You’ll be met with a warm greeting and friendly smiles wherever you go.

Budget-Friendly City for Travel Nurses

If one of your goals as a traveler is to save money and be conscious of your finances, then Iowa is a great location to consider for your next travel gig! Known for its cost-friendly attractions and affordable housing options, you’ll be sure to save up quite a bit of cash while also taking in the attractions and experiences that come along with being a travel nurse.

Great Local Eat Options

Part of traveling is taking in the dining experience. You’re in luck coming here because plenty of trendy restaurants and shops will keep you coming back for more. Here are a few of the most popular destinations for travel nurses to check out for their next meal!

Top Attractions in Des Moines 

As a travel nurse in Des Moines, you’ll find a wide range of attractions to explore in your free time. From botanical gardens to the Iowa State Fair, there’s something for everyone each season.

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