Student to Travel Nurse Tips and Advice

Student to travel nurse

We recently received a list of questions from nursing student Stella, who was looking for advice on her dreams of becoming a travel nurse straight out of school. Stella’s questions about the student to travel nurse transition are valuable for anyone considering starting traveling right out of school, so we wanted to bring awareness to all who might be looking for the same advice!

Betty Ericson is the Clinical Liaison here at Axis Medical, and she had great advice to share with Stella. Having been in the industry for many years, Betty knows this profession demands resilience, empathy and continuous learning.

The Importance of Experience from Student to Travel Nurse

Upon graduating, you gain first-hand experience through clinical rotations and in a permanent staff position. These experiences will prepare you with skills such as time management, effective communication and the ability to handle emergencies confidently.

For example, time management is important when dealing with a full patient load, titration of drips, charting, IV skills, honing your assessment skills and communicating your findings and patient needs to various healthcare departments.

Preparation for the Travel Nursing Lifestyle

Travel nursing demands independence, flexibility and a solid amount of nursing experience. Travel nurses don’t always receive as much orientation experience as permanent staff, so you really have to be ready to hit the ground running.

You must be prepared to handle diverse patient populations, float between different units and serve as a resource for patients and colleagues.

Agency Requirements and Hospital Expectations

While some agencies may accept new graduate nurses, many hospitals prefer travelers with at least a year of experience. Depending on the specialty, they may require 2-3 years. Beware of agencies or hospitals that disregard the significance of experience; they might not have your best interests at heart.

Protecting Your Nursing License

Your nursing license is the most valuable asset in your career. It’s your responsibility to protect it by acquiring the requisite experience, honing your skills, and upholding the highest standards of patient care.

Student to Travel Nurse and The Road Ahead

Your journey to becoming a travel nurse is not a sprint but a marathon. Take the time to explore different specialties, accumulate diverse experiences and build a reputation as a competent and reliable nurse. Remember, success in travel nursing hinges upon a foundation of knowledge, confidence and expertise.

In conclusion, we understand and are thrilled that you’re eager to get on the road to becoming a travel nurse, but we want you to be prepared for the reality and expectations of being a travel nurse. Being able to confidently handle emergencies, float to different units, and be flexible are major traits to have as a traveler. Once you feel confident in your nursing skills, we encourage you to apply and jet off on your travel nursing career!


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