Making Your Travel Nurse Resume Stand Out

What the heck is going on with this travel nurse job market, am I right?

In March and April, we were flooded with crisis positions, tons of openings all around the country, and not enough candidates to fill the needs. But now, we have an abundance of candidates looking for assignments and positions opening and closing in as few as 8 minutes.

Eight. Minutes. And those jobs? They’re getting bombarded with dozens of profiles as soon as they open. The competition is pretty stiff, considering many healthcare professionals are still facing lay-offs, cancellations, and furloughs due to COVID-19 related census fluctuations.

Well, as crazy as it may seem right now, this too shall pass. It’s more important than ever to make sure that your travel nurse resume and profile are polished up and stand out among the competition!

Listen to and watch this quick tip from our Rock Star Recruiter Charity to help identify some key characteristics of a solid travel nurse resume.

Inevitably, the travel nurse job market will swing back in the other direction. When it does, you’ll be that much more ready to land that sweet gig you’ve been waiting for!

For more advice on crafting a stand-out travel nurse resume, check out our blog: How to Build the Best Travel Nurse Resume

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