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Why I Chose Axis

Why I Chose Axis… And Why You Should, Too

There I am, breaking personal records and climbing the ladder at the company I was “comfortable” with. Feeling pretty good about things moving forward, feeling good about my tenure, feeling good about the connections I had made with my Travel Nurses. Comfortable, but still not thrilled about work. I received a message one day on […]

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11 Questions with Bruce, our newest Travel Nurse Recruiter at Axis

Meet Bruce, the newest Rock Star addition to the Axis team. Bruce comes to Axis with a significant amount of recruiting experience, specifically working with and placing Travel Nurses in awesome assignments.  So if you’re looking for a recruiter who knows what he’s doing, then Bruce is a guy you want to get in contact […]

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The Elephant & the Recruiter-Travel Nurse Relationship

I’d like to take a moment to kick this thing off by stating the soon-to-be obvious… I’m not your average Recruiter. I’m not a resume shuffler. I’m not an email spammer. I am not an order taker. In a sense, I have an anti-sales approach to recruiting. Yes, I possess a killer motivation to fill […]

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