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7 Life Hacks for Travel Nurses

Aside from the countless positives that comes with travel nursing (great pay, unique benefits, awesome experiences), like every profession, it’s also one that comes with many new experiences that you may not be used to dealing with. As a Travel Nurse, wouldn’t it be nice to have some life hacks to make your life easier? […]

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Dallas, TX

Travel Nurse Assignments: Live Like a Local – Dallas

Welcome to Dallas! Third largest city in Texas, fourth largest metro area in the USA: Dallas is a city that is hard to forget. And for a Travel Nurse, it’s a pretty tough city to beat for your next assignment. The colorful lights, great food, and most importantly, its Southern charm, it’s difficult to be […]

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Salt Lake City, Utah

Travel Nurse Assignments: Live Like a Local – Salt Lake City

Welcome to Salt Lake City! Are you a Travel Nurse looking for an interesting city with an ideal mix of both hot and cold weather? Look no further. Welcome to Salt Lake City! The largest city in Utah welcomes embracing activities such as skiing in the winter to hiking the mountains in the summer. Aside […]

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Travel RNs - Where to Next?

Getting Paid to Travel (Nursing): The New 9 to 5

Getting Paid to Travel (Nursing): The New 9 to 5 Unlike Ryan Bingham in Walter Kirn’s Up in the Air, as a travel nurse, you can crisscross the country without having to fire people for a living. Instead, you will be helping people and possibly saving their lives… all while traveling to the best cities […]

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