We Will Rock You

Why Axis?
Because we friggin’ said so (or all of the adventure, benefits, and helpful Axis Team Members).

Why You’ll Love Working With Us


What does adventure mean to you? Maybe adventure means your moving to a new city in the mountains or finally living a short jaunt from the ocean. Or it could mean starting a new position in a new facility in your current city. Whatever your definition of adventure may be, we’ll help you get there.


You don’t have the same experience and skills as everyone else in your position, so why should you get paid the same? At Axis, a Talent Scout will ensure your compensation is right for you based on how far you’ve come in your career. A little healthy competition never hurt anyone, and that’s why we believe you should be rewarded for your hard work.

Available Positions

It can be difficult to find the right position but because we work with many facilities, you can rest assured there will be the perfect position for you. We work with Acute Care Facilities, Multi-Specialty Settings, Government Contracts, Medical Device Organizations, Correctional Facilities and School Districts, among others.

Experienced Talent Scouts

The first time you work with the Talent Scout assigned to you, rest assured it won’t be her first tour. She knows what it takes to get you hired, prepare you for the job, and she’ll stay by your side — answering questions and more — whether or not it’s your first assignment. Your Talent Scout is also your main point of contact for your facility, ensuring communication is a breeze.

Very Little Paperwork

It’s an industry thing. If it’s not stacks of paperwork, it’s tedious online forms. When you work with Axis Medical Staffing, there’s very little paperwork. We’ve streamlined everything with our site and your Talent Scout. Start thinking of forms as a distant memory.


There are definately benefits to becoming an Axis Rock Star and they’re some of the best in the industry. Not only are our benefits great — the added support will help you excel within your position and gain experience rapidly. Learn more.

Sometimes it’s easier to describe ourselves as what we’re not.

We’re not your average corporate “big box” staffing company. We’re not sleazy business people in bad suits pushing around resumes, lying or overselling positions. We’re not a tiny, inexperienced company either, we have the same amount of nationwide positions as those giant, corporate staffing companies. We’ve been placing top talent in adventurous careers since 2004 and we can prove we’re different from the rest. You’ll notice the laid back culture, but there’s more.

We don’t like wasting time.

Whether you’re a rock star nurse or a client looking for eager talent, we won’t waste your time. It’s easy to apply and it’s easy to contact us. No gimmicks, just effective communication. We’re personable, real folks working for you. We also don’t really like forms. When we ditched the suits in our office, we ditched the 20-page applications and massive upfront skills checklists that you’ve been wasting your time filling out with other companies.

Awards and Recognition

At Axis Medical Staffing, we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. Our commitment to excellence has been repeatedly acknowledged by leading travel nursing communities and organizations. It’s more than just awards—it’s about the trust, dedication, and unparalleled experiences our #AxisRockStars share with us. Each accolade we’ve received is a testament to their positive feedback and our shared passion for the industry. To our incredible travel nurses: thank you for walking this path of excellence with us!

Recognized: 2021, 2022, 2023

Inc. 5000

Every year, Inc. 5000 recognizes the fastest growing privately held companies across the nation and Axis is proud to have made the Inc. 5000 list each of the following years.

Recognized: 2022, 2023

Inc. Regionals Pacific

Axis has been recognized by Regionals Pacific which is made up of the Fastest-Growing privately held companies across the Pacific Region.

Years that Axis Has been listed among Regionals Pacific winners:

Recognized: 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 – Ranked #1!, 2023


Each year, BluePipes analyzes hundreds of Travel Nursing companies based on thousads of reviews from by actual Travel Nurses.

Axis is proud to be named a top travel nursing company by BluePipes every year they have published their list.

Recognized: 2022, 2023


BetterNurse.org is a leading online nursing resource for travel nurses interested in continuing education, browsing jobs and gaining insight on the Travel Nursing industry.

Axis has been named the #1 best travel nursing company with BetterNurse.org each of the following years.

Recognized: 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

Verywell Health

VeryWell Health analyzes reviews left by travelers across many different agencies to recognize the best in the business.

Axis has been named as a #1 Travel Nursing Company with the Best Customer Service the following years.

Recognized: 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

Highway Hypodermics

Serving as a resource for Travel Nurses across the country, each year, Highways Hypodermics takes time to rank the best travel nursing companies based on reviews and traveler experiences.

Axis has been a top-ranked Highways Hypodermics company for each of the following years.

Recognized: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

Travel Nurse Central

Travel Nursing Central was designed for travel nurses and those interested in starting a career in travel nursing. They’ve taken time to review various agencies and reviews that travelers have left reflecting their experience. Axis was named a top travel company in the following years.

Personalized Approach

Our Pillars of Excellence

At Axis, we don’t just believe in only making placements – we believe in forging lasting relationships, both with our healthcare professionals and the clients we serve. Our ethos is founded on four pillars that guide every step we take and every decision we make.

Genuine Partnership:

At Axis, you’re more than just a number; you’re a valued member of our team. We view our travel nurses not just as professionals, but as partners in a shared mission. We’re committed to understanding your needs, career goals, and what is most important to you, ensuring that every assignment is a step forward in your journey.

Quality Over Quantity

While we pride ourselves on offering positions throughout the nation, we prioritize the quality of each placement. Every role we recommend is meticulously vetted to ensure it aligns with our standards and your goals.

Unwavering Support:

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, we’re by your side. Our team offers continuous support, guidance, and resources to help you navigate the challenges and benefits of travel nursing.

Transparent Communication:

We ditched the gimmicks long ago. With Axis, expect open, honest, and transparent communication every step of the way. No hidden agendas, just a dedicated team working tirelessly for your success.

At Axis, our pillars aren’t just words – they are promises. Promises that have guided us since 2004, ensuring that we remain not just another staffing agency, but a true partner in your professional journey.

Rock Star Testimonials

We love working with the best travel nurses in the world. We are so lucky to work with such talented, spirited individuals. We have nothing but great things to say about them. Here’s what a few of our favorite rock stars have to say about us.

Alison Spillane
{Have had a great experience working with Axis so far. My recruiter has been incredibly supportive, and all the staff I’ve interacted with are also stellar. Travel nursing can feel really isolating and Axis works really hard to help you feel more at ease.{
Kyle Osborne
{Super friendly, helpful, and personable staffing agency. Really treat nurses like their personal clients. And not just another name/number. Has been awesome to work with so far!{
mystery person
Ciene Gamonez
{Working for Axis has been amazing! The team does a great job with communication and are very thorough. They make me feel like my opinions matter and go above and beyond to try and accommodate for any needs I have. I highly recommend them to any travelers!{
mystery person
McKaleigh Cory
{Currently a Traveling Nurse with this company. Great communication, and my recruiter is amazing at being able to find Nursing positions for what I need in a timely manner. If anyone is looking for a traveling position I highly suggest Axis Medical Staffing! It’s a great opportunity and experience!{
{This has been the only travel company I have worked for, frankly I see no reason to change. The pay/benefits are competitive. I have a great recruiter who keeps in contact with me. Any issues I have had, were minor and addressed quickly and resolved. I have never come across anyone who was rude or uncaring. Judging some of the issues I have seen from other travel nurses with different companies, I am EXTREMELY happy with Axis. 🙂{
Carolyn Blaney
{Axis is the best travel agency I have ever worked with. Everyone is extremely helpful and the communication is top-notch. No car salesman sleaziness here! They work hard to set you up with great jobs and are there to offer support whenever you need it!{
Silva Lynn
{I've worked with this company for almost three years. I feel like I can trust them and they care about me. They take my needs into consideration. Every recommendation or caution they've given for a contract, they have been right!{
Chantelle Beason
{Made the process easy to understand. Quick response time. Very friendly and professional. A joy to work with.{
Nicole Roskelley
{Worked with this company for years. Love the staff and how hard they work for their employees!{
mystery person
Travel Nurse
{I've worked with Axis for almost three years. I really feel like I can trust them and they care about me. They take my needs into consideration. Every recommendation or caution they've given about a contract, they have been right!{



Let us help guide you along the adventure of a lifetime. We can’t wait to partner together and see where your Travel Nursing journey leads. Check out our Axis Gigs and apply today!