Travel Nurse Assignments: Live Like a Local – Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, Utah

Welcome to Salt Lake City!

Are you a Travel Nurse looking for an interesting city with an ideal mix of both hot and cold weather? Look no further. Welcome to Salt Lake City! The largest city in Utah welcomes embracing activities such as skiing in the winter to hiking the mountains in the summer. Aside from the city’s gorgeous aesthetics, Salt Lake City isn’t just known for its amazing outdoors but also a booming economy with an extremely low unemployment rate, music scene, and growing entertainment culture. Regardless of the reason for your visit, it will be hard to be bored in the Crossroads of the West.

Salt Lake City’s economy is largely driven by its steel, mining, and railroad industry. Needless to say, there is not only money driving this city but also a great emphasis on religion and art. Salt Lake City has some of the most iconic churches and museums where you can immerse yourself in mind-blowing history of faith as well as operas to satisfy your listening pleasure.

Around the City:

Big Cottonwood Canyon

This place of nature is one that stands out due to its size. When you are planning on visiting Big Cottonwood Canyon in a short 40-minute drive from the city, plan on packing for the whole day because it offers a variety of activities that won’t let you go home. Hiking, rock climbing, fishing, picnicking, mountain-biking, looking for the go-to outdoor spot? Here it is.

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Church History Museum

Not only does this place allow you to spark your need for intellectual exploration, it’s also free. Yes, you are probably not used to hearing that word along with anything exciting. This museum offers many exhibits to allow one to expand their mind on religious history as well as digging deep into family roots.

Utah Opera

Once the sun goes down, you have already eaten at some of the best spots in town, seen beautiful pieces of scenery, now it’s time to stimulate your sense of hearing. The Utah Opera is located conveniently in Downtown Salt Lake City and also provides an incredible listening experience that is inexpensive.



Famously known around the city for having the best sushi. What makes it the best? Location and quality.

Red Iguana

This place will offer you authentic spicy Mexican flavors that will warm you through the winter. However, if you are looking for a quick and inexpensive spot to taste some exotic flavors, Red Iguana is just around the corner.

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