Recruiter Diaries: Why I Gave Away My Cabo Trip

Cabo San Lucas. The spectacular Mexican city on the tip of the Baja California Peninsula. The Pacific Ocean on one shore and the Sea of Cortez on the other.

Beautiful sandy beaches, arching stone cliffs, the sun shining on your face and brilliantly reflecting off the ocean, a vibrant nightlife. And, tequila. Probably consumed in larger quantities than normal (don’t judge). That’s what I think of when I dream of vacationing in Cabo.

Riu Cabo

And I had a trip all wrapped up, qualifying for Axis’ 2018 Presidents’ Club. An all-inclusive trip for two to one of the most magical places I’ve ever been. And I gave it away. I decided to raffle it off to one of my Rock Star nurses. You may be asking, why? Has she lost her mind? My husband wouldn’t argue with that. It’s a good question… so let me tell you my story.

But first, let’s take a quick step back.

I never thought I would be a recruiter. My first role at Axis was actually in Compliance, and then Operations. Using that college degree and all. My passion was on improving procedures, ensuring the placement process was an efficient one for our Travelers, making sure everything runs like clockwork type thing, etc. etc. Recruiting was never my jam, or so I thought. The recruiter role in today’s market almost feels like you need to be a social media influencer to be successful. Shiny new FB posts here, spam e-mail there…rinse, repeat. Maybe it’s just me, but I often feel like I’m being sold a used car when scrolling through some sites these days (seriously, why so many $$$ signs?). I’m happy and content doing many things, but a pushy salesman, I’m not.

But then something happened. I started building these fantastic relationships with our Travelers.

Sara Review of Lynna

Deeper than the typical “Recruiter/Travel Nurse” relationship, or so it appeared. And I became vested in their lives and their careers. I wanted them to be treated as I would treat them. I cared and listened to what was important to them. I wanted them to find their next great assignment. And they wanted me to be the person to help them find it. Before I knew it, I was … gasp… a Recruiter.

It wasn’t an easy transition. Anytime you decide to put yourself out there, in a public forum, on the internet, there are definitely scary parts and not so fun parts. I’m not going to lie, I was terrified, nervous and put it off for a really long time. I was so happy in my own little world with my tight knit group of Travelers and content with it being that way forever. I even asked my Travelers not to mention my name publicly if they felt inclined to write me a review.

Emily Review of Lynna

Seriously – that’s how much I wanted to hide from the attention. Well, in 2018, all of that changed. With the encouragement of my Travelers, I decided it was time to jump into the online Travel World with both feet, but in my own way. I fell in love with making more and more connections across the nation. The genuine friendships, complete trust and silly conversations and inside jokes make doing what I do more than just a job.

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Ok, admittedly, as exciting as the decision was, I was still scared. So, I started out small. A Facebook post here and there about jobs I was trying to fill. Then I agreed to a Recruiter Spotlight on our Axis site. I even created a Facebook and Instagram account dedicated to Travel Nursing, to connect with a wider audience. Before long, my little circle had doubled, then tripled and showed no signs of slowing down. I was blown away, thinking… what just happened?! With the immense growth, my circle became a community and we all grew together.

The great thing about Axis is that we not only take pride in how we treat our Rock Star nurses, but we also do the same with our amazing internal team. One small example of this is our annual Presidents’ Club award, given to some of our top Rock Star recruiters. And because of my team’s efforts, I qualified for this amazing trip to Cabo!

So, let’s get to the fun part of the story. Yes, I decided to give the trip away. My Travelers are very special to me. They’ve become my friends and extended family. They check in with me even when they’re not working with me, just to see how I’m doing and to update each other on where our lives have taken us. The relationships we’ve built mean more than words can adequately describe. So, when I was told I qualified for this trip, it was an easy decision to want to give it away. This trip was only earned because of the hard work of my Travelers, so it only seemed right that the trip be given away to them.

Annoucement Video Thumbnail

 I emailed a little video to my Rock Stars to announce the news! 

My Travel community really is the best and I thought it was time to pull the curtain back a little to give them a chance to get to know a little more about the woman behind the recruiter. I took the party to Instagram Live to just take a load off, chat about life, and come to the consensus that for now, a good adult beverage can solve most problems 😉 When I become a real adult, I’ll subsist on tea and broth, but for now let me live!! LOL Did someone say 32 oz margarita? Patrick, Carolyn, are you reading this?! 😉  San Diego here I come!!

In all seriousness, witnessing a group of complete strangers tear down their walls and chat with each other like old friends was something so warming to me. It’s hard to put into words, but I felt like a proud mama. To be completely honest, I was so nervous this was going to flop and be so totally awkward. I should’ve known better. I should’ve had more faith in my people. We joked, I felt so comfortable sharing a totally embarrassing story, and really let my own walls down. Of course, I also raffled the trip, live.

Lynna_IG Live

As soon as the drawing happened, I called my winner, Allyson M. While still streaming, those still on Instagram with me got to witness my weird facial expressions as I tried not to tear up hearing the shock, shake and excitement in Ally’s voice. The Live session and the giveaway left me with such an immense high. It was beyond anything I had felt before in my career, and way beyond the feeling I had being told I even qualified for the Cabo trip.

Cabo Winner_Allyson

These are my people and their happiness drives me. I have to believe they know it too because this community of mine is 70% driven by referrals. Yes, I have amazing candidates who reach out to me across social media, directly on the Axis Website and even who just call in, but a majority of my tribe is built on the trust of my Travelers. The trust that I will take care of them, look out for them and do the same for anyone that joins this community. It’s this relationship that makes me do what I do and love doing it. The feeling is absolutely priceless.

Lynna's Review

So yeah, I gave away a trip to Cabo. And as long as I have the opportunity to, I will do it again and again, because I can’t thank these fantastic people enough for the joy they bring to my life! So 2019, we’re coming for you and guess, what… Mexico is still an option and I’m also adding Hawaii to the radar this time too. Who knows, I may just join the winner this year. Who’s coming with me?!

Congrats again to Allyson!! Thank you to all my Rock Stars. I hope you know just how thrilled I am to have each of you on my team! 🙂

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