Author: Siobhan

The Ultimate Guide to Packing For Your Next Travel Nursing Assignment

Heading out on your first travel nursing assignment is super exciting, but you’ll no doubt stress over what you need to pack. You’ll need more than if you’re just going on vacation, but you don’t want to over-pack, So what do you leave at home? Your recruiter will be able to give you details of […]

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Travel Nursing Assignments: Live Like A Local – Tacoma!

Welcome to Tacoma, WA! A creative and sophisticated city, Tacoma Washington is replete with cultural spots and entertainment venues, boutique shops, lavish bars, and highly-rated restaurants. As it’s situated on the Puget Sound, it also has stunning waterfront and natural surroundings which are enjoyable at any time of year. Tacoma is a great area to […]

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Travel Nursing Assignments: Live Like A Local – Stockton!

Welcome to Stockton, CA! Stockton, California is a hidden gem. It has a wealth of highly-rated eateries, cultural hot spots, and entertainment options, and more importantly it offers affordable housing in a great area of California. The city is located on the San Joaquin River in the northern San Joaquin Valley and boasts a wonderful Mediterranean climate, with […]

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Travel Nursing Assignments: Live Like A Local – Las Vegas!

Welcome to Las Vegas, Nevada Everyone knows Vegas. It’s a resort city famed for its vibrant nightlife, centered around 24-hour gambling joints and a wealth of other entertainment options. Its main street and focal point is the Strip, just over 4 miles long. This boulevard is home to themed hotels and casinos, with elaborate displays […]

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