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Clairissa - Travel Nurse

December Travel Nurse of the Month: Clairissa T.

Our December Travel Nurse of the Month is…. Name: Clairissa T. City, State: Seattle, WA Specialty: NICU RN Month: December How’d you get into travel nursing? When I began my nursing career I took a Nurse Resident position in Nashville, TN. As a Portland, Oregon native, this was a long way from home for me. […]

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Live Like a Local – Spokane, WA!

Welcome to Spokane, Washington! Yes, it’s true that Seattle is not the only big city in the Evergreen State. Although often shadowed by Seattle’s impressiveness, Spokane possesses its own kind of charm that offers a welcoming feeling and fails to disappoint. A secret to many, Spokane is certainly a place to check out for your […]

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Most Popular Travel Nurse Job Destinations

The beauty of being a travel a nurse is being able to choose where to go for your next assignment.  But how do you choose which is the best location for you?  You may even be curious as the most popular travel nurse job destinations to help with your decision.  There are 50 different states […]

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Why I Chose Axis

Why I Chose Axis… And Why You Should, Too

There I am, breaking personal records and climbing the ladder at the company I was “comfortable” with. Feeling pretty good about things moving forward, feeling good about my tenure, feeling good about the connections I had made with my Travel Nurses. Comfortable, but still not thrilled about work. I received a message one day on […]

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