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Travel RNs - Where to Next?

Getting Paid to Travel (Nursing): The New 9 to 5

Getting Paid to Travel (Nursing): The New 9 to 5 Unlike Ryan Bingham in Walter Kirn’s Up in the Air, as a travel nurse, you can crisscross the country without having to fire people for a living. Instead, you will be helping people and possibly saving their lives… all while traveling to the best cities […]

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Live Like A Local: Austin

Top things to do in Austin, TX Welcome to Austin, don’t be a stranger! Located in Central Texas, Austin is the 4th largest city and capital of the big state of Texas. Austin continues to experience tremendous growth as people flock to the city for it’s economic outlook and flourishing artistic community. Proudly known as […]

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Live Like A Local: Sacramento

Top things to do in Sacramento, CA Sacramento is one of the world’s most forward-thinking and eclectic city, with a particular focus on environment-friendliness and sustainability (starting from 2016, single-use plastic bags will be banned in the city!) Here are a few things to check out in the city! Around the city Old town Old […]

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Live Like A Local: San Francisco

Top things to do in San Francisco, CA San Francisco is one of the most iconic cities in the world. Home of the Golden Gate Bridge and located in northern California, San Francisco is listed as one of the top ten cities in America for people to visit. With no shortage of Sunshine (top ten […]

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Live Like A Local: Seattle

Top things to do in Seattle, WA — our hometown! Welcome to Seattle! You’ve just moved to one of the most culturally active cities in the USA. Surrounded by beautiful nature, this seaport city will soon charm you with its unique settings and hectic attractions.  Appropriately known as “The Emerald City”, Seattle is the largest […]

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