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Travel Nurse Assignments: Live Like a Local – Eugene

Welcome to Eugene, Oregon! Although this city only has a population of 300,000 people, don’t underestimate its ability to make a great first impression and provide you with a memorable experience! With a great balance of livability, nature, population, safety, weather, and family-oriented, Eugene is a great city to live as well as visit if […]

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Travel Nurse Assignments: Live Like a Local – Miami

Welcome to Miami, Florida! On your next Travel Nurse Assignment, why not visit Miami, the only place in the country where you can taste South America without even going there. When the sun shines here, it really shines. A lively metropolitan area filled with loads of color and substance, Miami has always been known as […]

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Travel Nurse Assignments: Live Like a Local – Denver

Welcome to Denver! Famously quirky, outdoorsy, interesting, and diverse; Denver is a city full of variety. As a metropolitan city with high-rise buildings that are conveniently blanketed by the distant Rocky Mountains, Denver is a city like no other. Originally meant to be a mining town during the gold rush, Denver has effectively grown into […]

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Travel Nurse Workouts

How to Get Your Workout in while You’re on Assignment

Adapting to a new environment and getting your workout in are not always compatible events as a Travel Nurse. Traveling can be tiring and getting accustomed to your new location, on top of starting your new assignment, can only be more exhausting. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should let your workout lapse. If anything, […]

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