Author: Alisha Rourk

Behind the Mask – OR Nursing

“Operating room nurses must be energetic, organized and able to remain calm under pressure. Excellent prioritization skills are necessary to meet the constantly changing needs of the patient. Assertiveness and first-rate communication techniques are essential to relay vital information to team members.” – What is an OR Nurse? I had never really stopped to think […]

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Why Oncology Nursing?

In today’s market, there are many nursing specialties for nurses to choose from. Some nurses gravitate toward the ED, others to the ICU, while many feel a connection to be a L&D nurse.  So how do you know if Oncology Nursing is the right specialty for you?  This quote may help. Talk to an oncology […]

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The Elephant & the Recruiter-Travel Nurse Relationship

I’d like to take a moment to kick this thing off by stating the soon-to-be obvious… I’m not your average Recruiter. I’m not a resume shuffler. I’m not an email spammer. I am not an order taker. In a sense, I have an anti-sales approach to recruiting. Yes, I possess a killer motivation to fill […]

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